Oğuzhan Aygün
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About Me

I was born in Ankara. I have been living in Izmir since I was 7 years old. I completed my high school education in Izmir Cem Bakioğlu Anadolu Lisesi. I started and continued my university education at Ege University.

I studied digital marketing for 2 months at Universita di Torino, Italy. I have been working with many brands and influencers. I create brands from scratch, or make an existing brand reach more customers. I also produce content for influencers, make them reach to potential companies and be more successful. In short, I like to create influencers according to the needs of the industry.

Other than those, I have traveled to many European countries. I like travelling and meeting people.I travel with the excitement of getting know people by observing and synthesising their social lifes and daily routines.I learnt lots of marketing techniques throughout my education.I love learning and experiencing new things and I keep doing it.

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